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Why You Choose Perforated Aluminum Clip-in ceiling tile?

Time:2023-11-01 Views:709
The Illustration of Customize the Perforated Aluminum Clip-in ceiling tile
Because the perforated aluminum clip-in ceiling tile - square aluminum clip-in ceiling tile are large-scale production by the manufacturers. They are already finished products at the construction site and do not require secondary processing.As a manufacturer for sheet forming equipment,KINGREAL is also able to design and produce
Aluminum Clip In Ceiling Tile Perforation Line to meet the different production needs of construction plants.You only need to be assembled and installed according to the drawings, which is convenient, simple, labor-saving and fast. Depending on the area of the project , base on customer’s needs, we can provide professional design for free. After the contract is signed, we will further submit the floor plan and installation node drawings of the relevant products. With the consent of the customer, submit the detailed or layout design drawings within the specified time. After the deepening design drawings are completed and recognized, we will immediately carry out the processing of specific components of the design, and within the specified time to submit can be immediately put into production, while not affecting the overall project schedule of the components of the processing plan.

Perforated Aluminum Clip-in Ceiling Panels

The Features of Perforated Aluminum Clip-in Ceiling Panels
1.The product is made of pure aluminum, so it is fireproof and meets the requirements of fire protection, and has the advantages of moisture-proof, rust-proof, shock-proof, and long-lasting non-deterioration.
2.This product is light weight, especially suitable for large area ceiling, and its hanger is simple, installation is quite convenient and fast.
3.Perforated ceilings with soundproof cotton on the back not only have strongly acoustic, but also have the effect of heat absorption, saving energy.
4.Because the raw material is pure aluminum, it is recyclable and more environmentally friendly.
5.Surface with electrostatic powder coating, long-lasting color, and easy to clean, with water or general cleaning agent can be cleaned it. The automatic cleaning machine produced by KINGREAL can help you to clean the tiles quickly, all steps are done fully automatically, which can save labor costs and avoid unnecessary injuries.
6.Metal ceilings can be processed by sawing, shearing, etc., which is quite convenient and flexible, and it is easier to overhaul the internal wiring, piping and other facilities.

Perforated Aluminum Clip-in Ceiling Panels

The Specifications of Perforated Aluminum Clip-in ceiling tile
Plate Specification: 600mm*600mm,500mm*500mm,400mm*400mm,300mm*300mm,300mm*600mm,300mm*1200mm,600mm*1200mm etc.
Perforation Specification: φ1.8mm,φ2.3mm,φ2.5mm,φ3mm etc. Square aluminum clip-in ceiling tile hole spacing is determined by the customer.
Thicknesses: 0.5-1.2mm.
Special specifications can be customized by perforated aluminum clip-in drop ceiling tiles manufacturers in accordance with customer requirements.
Surface treatment: Powder coating.
Color: Can be customized by perforated aluminum clip-in ceiling tile manufacturers in accordance with customer requirements.
The perforated machine produced by KINGREAL is provided precise perforation and corner cutting, final bending forming as per requirements. If you have customization needs, welcome to contact us or click on the link to
get more information.

The Scope of application of Perforated Aluminum Clip-in ceiling planks
Home of the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and even in the area of the larger places, such as hotels, clubs, banks, offices, office buildings, exhibition halls, stores, offices, hospitals and so on.

Perforated Aluminum Clip-in Ceiling Panels
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