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Square Metal Ceiling Machine

600mm Ceiling Panel Press Machine

KINGREAL 600*600mm Bending Forming Press can be used with fully automatic suspended metal ceiling production line or semi-automatic ceiling suspended metal production line.  It can cutting different sizes of metal ceiling tile easily with changing molds, including 30*30cm, 60*60cm, 60*120cm and etc.. 

    Video About About Bending Forming Press

    Introduction of Bending Forming Press

    KINGREAL 600*600mm Bending Forming Press can be equipped in your 600*600mm semi auto ceiling tile production line. The hydraulic bending forming press is four column oil press structure, is a type of industrial machinery which can bend and form metal sheets with highly degree of precision. The press is equipped with a safety device, so you can free from worry about production safety.

    Bending Forming Press can bending forming different type of ceiling tile such as 600*600MM clip in ceiling tile, 600*1200MM aluminum ceiling tiles, 300*300MM lay in ceiling boards and etc.

    metal ceiling tiles

    Main Features

    1. High degree of precision
    KINGREAL Bending Forming Press adopts servo motor to realize high precision positioning and bending. 

    2. Flexible forming
    The machine is compatible with different sizes and different types of metal ceiling tiles. The sizes of ceiling tiles can be 30*30cm/ 60*60cm / 60*120cm, the types of ceiling tiles can be clip-in, lay-in and etc..

    3. Easily change the molds
    KINGREAL also provide molds, changing molds is convenient and fast, suitable for you to quickly switch between different productions, greatly improving production efficiency. Kingreal can not only provide molds, but also provide technical support services. If you have relevant requirement, please feel free to contact us.
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    Technical Specs

    aluminum ceiling panels

    Combination with Semi-Auto Ceiling Tile Production Line

    The combination of bending forming press and semi-automatic metal ceiling tile production line can realize the production from coil to ceiling molding, which is a very economical choice, especially suitable for ceiling manufacturers who do not have particularly high output requirements or require less calculations. Our semi-automatic ceiling tile production line + bending forming press solution has been recognized by many metal ceiling manufacturers and has been successfully exported to India, Vietnam, Brazil and other countries.

    Final Products Display

    KINGREAL bending forming press is suitable for different type of ceiling tile such as 600*600MM clip in ceiling tile, 600*1200MM aluminum celing tiles, 30*30MM lay in ceiling Boards and etc. 600mm ceiling tiles

    Diverse Types of Suspended Ceiling Solutions

    aluminium ceiling tiles

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    KINGREAL Technical Team

    KINGREAL has a professional technical team with more than 25 years of relevant experience from the drawing design to the manufacturing of Suspended Ceiling Making Machine, from design - production - installation - after-sales, our team has an excellent standard. 

    Services are always highly considered by us, in addition to establishing a complete remote service system, localized after-sales service is also what we have been insisting on doing. The global localization service point is under construction.

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