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Square Metal Ceiling Machine

Hook-on metal ceiling tile forming machine

Hook-on metal ceiling tile forming machine is design for produce the hook on metal ceiling tile, which is widely used in various fields. 

    Machine Description:

    Hook-on metal ceiling tile forming machine is design for produce the hook on metal ceiling tile, which is widely used in various fields. The hook-on metal ceiling tile making machine is fully automatic, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

    The basic process of
     this machine production including uncoiler, precision leveling, corner-cutting, roll forming machine, shearing & bending, hook-on metal ceiling tile output.

      Advantage of hook-on metal ceiling tile making machine

    1. Auto width adjustable

    One machine can produce different width product. KINGREAL design the width adjusting system, which only need to press button on the touch screen then the forming rollers will adjust the width automatically.

    2. High Quality Roll Forming Machine Structure

    KINGREAL hook-on metal ceiling tile machine frame is welded by steel panel to one-piece structure. Then one 30mm thickness panel will be put on the frame after fine processed by the Plano miller.

    This will ensure the accuracy basic size.And will increase the machine strength to reduce the deformation and ensure the long life time operation.

    3. 10inch Touch Screen

    The 10-inch touch screen system is easy to use, not only does it has a large screen, but also it features with our own-developed multilingual system for easy using.

       Technical Specification Reference

    Raw materials

    Pre-painted Aluminum or Pre-painted Galvanized steel

    ceiling sizes

    Width: 600-1200mm width adjustable

    Length control

    Automatic servo control, set on touch screen

    Maximum forming speed

    15 m / min

    Roll Forming stands

    20 roll forming stations

    Machine Power

    ~ 22KW

       Product main features:

    1. Hook-on design for customer needs

    2. Reduce waste by using factory-made dimensional materials

    3. Weight reduction: Use lightweight aluminum to reduce static load

    4. Easy access

    5. Compatible with industry standard lighting, HVAC, speakers, fire safety and security services

       Applications Of Hook-On Metal Ceiling Tile:

    - Entertainment and Culture: Banks, meeting places, stadiums, cinemas and theaters, museums, public swimming pools, sales areas, shopping centers

    - Workplace: conference facilities, conferences and meetings, offices, meeting rooms, common rooms

    - Healthcare: cleanrooms, clinics and hospitals, laboratories, operating rooms, pharmacies (production)

    - Education: Libraries, research laboratories, schools, colleges of higher education

    - Transportation: Airport, railway station

    - Industry: Cleanrooms, Laboratory and Research Facilities, Manufacturing Facilities

    - Public institutions: courts, government buildings
    - Hotels and Cuisine: Hotels and Resorts
    - Public area: entrance area

    Installation Service

    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services.

    1. Online installation guide

    -  Photos and videos of machine will be sent

    - Online group will be initiated to discuss together

    - Regular video conference be held to keep communication and contacting

    2.  Local installation

    KINGREAL will arrange engineers to go abroad to install the machine at the customer‘s place to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and will provide all technical guidance. Exact costs to be negotiated.

    After-Sales Service

    Services are always highly considered by us, in addition to establishing a complete remote service system, localized after-sales service is also what we have been insisting on doing. The global localization service point is under construction.

    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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