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U Baffle Ceiling Making Machine

300MM Height U baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Line

Machine Name: Full-Automatic 300mm U-Baffle Ceiling Production Line
Products Name: U-Shape Metal Baffles With Different Sizes
Products sizes: Width from 20 to 200mm, Height from 25 to 300mm
Automation: Manual Operation/Full-Automatic Production with PLC
Certificate: CE certificate, ISO 9001 certificate
Machine Power: 380V 50HZ or according with customers‘ request
Speed: 0~35m/min, Hydraulic Follow Shearing System
Main Features: Equipped with air cooling system, Famous brand hydraulic system, light curtain safety protection

    Video About U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine

    KINGREAL Successful Cases in Global 

    Years of penetration into the metalworking equipment market, KINGREAL have stocked many successful cases and localized technical support experience.

    felt baffles metal baffle ceiling

    Description Of U Baffle Ceiling Production Line

    1. Specially Designe

    KINGREAL  is one of our most distinctive products. This produciton line is specially designed and manufactured for Hunter Douglas Group to produce big size baffle ceilings up to 300mm height.

    Components of the line: Hydraulic Decoiler, Precision Straightener, Main Roll Forming Machine, Hydraulic Follow Shearing Station, Product Output Table and Electrical Control System.
    metal baffle ceiling
    hanging ceiling baffles
    2. Hollow Structure

    Our R&D Department designed hollow structure for 300mm U-shape baffle ceiling production line to reduce the problem of indentation caused by weight of the rollers.

    This technology is particularly suitable for machines that produce 200mm+ baffle ceilings. The hollow rollers are made of high-quality steel to ensure they are in good condition and with durability under long time working.
    3. High Adaptability

    We use Cr12MoV mold steel to build rollers for 300mm aluminum baffle ceiling making machine to ensure precision roll forming procedure. Also, This production line can produce baffle ceilings with different sizes from 30mm to 300mm height maximum.

    Only need to input parameters in the operating system, then programmable PLC control system will adjust accordingly.
    suspended ceiling baffles
    aluminium baffle
    4. Follow Shearing

    We equipped this 300mm baffle ceiling production line with high-quality hydraulic follow shearing station.

    With servo motor from industry-leading brand Yaskawa and Cr12 steel-made blade, the shearing station can accurately and precisely cut products to length. Also, the station can cut products with different sizes by changing molds.
    5. Customized Service

    This 300mm baffle ceiling production line can provide products in different sizes, in can also provide acoustic baffles by customization of the whole production line.

    We have strict quality control regulations for both production line itself and final products to ensure they work well for our clients.
    baffle false ceiling
    baffle metal ceiling
    6. Sell Globally

    This production line was manufactured in early 2019, then inspected, tested and approved by Hunter Douglas Group‘s Indian Section.

    Which is an excellent example of our high-quality machining. In 2023, this production line is manufactured again and sold to South America.

    We are always ready to introduce this product to more customers globally.

    Technical Specification

    linear baffle ceiling

     U Baffle Ceiling Installation Drawing

    aluminum baffle ceiling system

     What Our Machine Can Produce?

    baffle metal ceiling

    KINGREAL Technical Team

    KINGREAL is not only  integrating R&D, have our own technical team and factory, but also have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming machines. We have successfully customized squared ceiling production lines to meet the needs of customers in many countries, including Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, India and so on. 

    We has established the localized technical support team in Mexico, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, India and etc.. Localized service points in other countries are also in progress.

    metal baffle ceiling system

    Customer Visit

    It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. KINGREAL is warmly welcome customers to visit our factory and communicate with us!

    aluminium baffle
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