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The Difference Between PVC Ceiling And Gypsum Board Ceiling

Time:2023-01-31 Views:1562

With the gradual increase of ceiling materials, people will encounter problems of one kind or another when choosing, especially in the selection of materials and identification of materials, which is quite distressing, so we need to learn more this different.

What Are The Differences Between PVC Ceiling And Gypsum Board Ceiling?

Many people will be very serious when choosing ceiling materials, especially when choosing PVC ceilings and gypsum board, they still need to compare, so as to know which one is better.

1.The Characteristics Are Different

The gypsum board ceiling has good decorative effect and good sound-absorbing performance. The more commonly used ones are pouring gypsum decorative board and paper-surface decorative sound-absorbing board.

Poured gypsum decorative board has the characteristics of moisture-proof, fire-proof and flame-retardant. And it has convenient construction and good processing performance.

The main varieties are: various flat panels, embossed panels, semi-perforated panels, fully perforated panels, waterproof panels, etc. The embossed board is suitable for the ceiling of the living room, bedroom, and study; the waterproof board is mostly used in places with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms. Paper decorative sound-absorbing panels have good performances of fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation and vibration resistance.

PVC ceiling profiles are highly resistant to water and scrubbing. In daily use, it can be scrubbed with detergent, and then cleaned with water; the gaps between the boards are prone to oil stains, when cleaning, you can use a brush dipped in detergent to scrub, then rinse with water; be careful not to get water on the road.

If the PVC ceiling profile is damaged, it is very convenient to update it. Just remove the bead at one end, pull out the boards from the bead one by one, replace the damaged board with a new one and reinstall it, and press the bead well. When replacing, it should be noted that the color of the new board and the old board must be the same, and there should be no color difference.

2.The Production Equipment Is Different

Gypsum board ceiling is produced by gypsum board forming machine; PVC ceiling is produced by PVC ceiling production line.

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